We conceptualize, design, build, test, deploy and monitor phenomenal software in the cloud!

Our offering includes software engineers, cloud specialists and data scientists. You can trust us with your IT project.

Running software on-premise is good,
but going cloud-native is better.

At phenomenal.ly, we stay fully up-to-date with the latest and greatest of what technology has to offer. As such, our toolbox consists of 7 programming languages. Gone are the days of tightly coupled scripts on a single server. Current times require isolated and loosely coupled microservices that are highly available and scale automatically with demand. There needs to be a clear separation of format, data, and style. For every project, components are tested, build and deployed automatically with each iteration. Finally, we utilize various different monitoring tools to make sure that everything runs fluidly.

Development Services

In need of microservices? Some command-line tools? Desktop software with a graphical interface? A server-side webapp? Or a new site? We've got you.

Internal & External Projects

When we're not working for our clients, we're building internal products and services. This way, we're always improving and going forward.


You already run applications but want to move in a direction you're not familiar with? Get our professional insight.

Content Creation

Giving and taking. We're always delivering information and knowledge to the world. Check out our articles and tutorials to see how we're helping others.

You always benefit

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Our job is to make your life easier. We offer two simple options:

  • Side with us and experience our phenomenal services
  • Alternatively, we can forward you to another organization that better suits your needs

Either way, you win.




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Awesome Team

We're passionate about our work because we love what we do. Your project will be our next adventure.

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"The right tool for the right job" is our motto. Similarly, there's a right price for every product and service.

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While no one can guarantee perfection, we do strive to be better than the competition.

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